Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Marshmallow Fondant Flowers with bees

So, I have managed to actually create some cute little vanilla cupcakes topped with cute little marshmallow fondant flowers and bees. Keep reading to see all the steps...

1 x packet marshmallows
food colouring
icing sugar
black edible writing pen
1 x set of flower plungers
white chocolate or slivered almonds for bees wings

Buy the flower plungers from here:

Pre-made, iced cupcakes


Place marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl.  The amount of marshmallows depends on the number of flowers you want to make.  From my experience about 15 will make about 10 flowers with the centre piece and bees.  Microwave on normal setting for 10 seconds and then check, they should all melt and look something like this:

do another 5 seconds at a time if not melted

Add icing sugar into the bowl with the melted marshmallows. I recommend about 1 tablespoon at a time, it will be very sticky but persist and it will come together as a sticky dough, like this:

Place onto a hard surface dusted with icing sugar, may also be necessary to put some icing sugar on rolling pin to stop sticking.  Roll out quite thin - about 1-2mm.


Take a flower plunger and lightly spray with oil (vegetable or canola is fine).  This will make getting the flower out of the plunger very easy. 

You will notice the plunger looks like the below when pushed fully in

Like the below when pulled out


Make sure plunger is pulled out as in photo directly above and cut into the rolled fondant:


Wiggle plunger side to side slightly until it completely comes away from fondant.  Then push plunger down and flower will come out:


To make bees and flower centres- melt white marshmallows as detailed above.  If you want to make a coloured fondant, add the food colouring before adding the icing sugar.  So for the bees, add some yellow food colouring to the melted marshmallows and then add the icing sugar.

TIP - if fondant goes a bit hard, just microwave again.


For flower centreslike in the pink flower picture - make a small ball from the fondant and flatten slightly, glue into centre of flowers with a little icing.

For bees - take a small amount of yellow fondant and make a small ball.  Slowly roll one end of the ball to make a cone shape.

Use some icing sugar to glue on wings, I use thinly cut white chocolate or cut some slivered almonds to make the wings.  Glue bees to cakes or flowers.

STEP 10:

Use an edible black pen to make stripes and face:

The fondant can be stored in a sealed bag inside ab air tight container for about 1 month.  Just microwave again to use.

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  1. This is great, just what I was looking for - to use marshmallow fondant for my 4 year old daughters birthday cake, thanks